Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Break

Macy and Ross spent the beginning of Spring Break with Charlie and I. My Aunt Betty hosted all of us on a cruise boat on the river in San Antonio. We had dinner and wonderful conversation! Greg, my brother, and his family came. My sweet cousin Sherry from Tennesse and her family were there. Her mother, my aunt Judy and Uncle Clyde also joined us, as well as her youngest daughter, Laurie. We had so much fun chatting and giggling!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ice Skating

This last weekend, Macy and Ross were here. Macy for some strange reason got this thought in her beautiful head that we should all go ice skating....well, at least Charlie, Macy and Ross. When I was living at Sandi's house, Ross had his skate board outside and I decided to ride it, well I didn't really ride it, I fell...really hard and wet myself...I had to try to hide it from the kids and well, after that I am not as confident about doing stuff that might make me fall, for fear of wetting myself again. Anyway, it was really fun watching Macy, Ross and Charlie skate around...and of course I took pictures.

Stormie Foreman

This is the newest member of our family. Stormie in this picture was 8 weeks old. He is now nine weeks old. He is such a good puppy. We are crate training him. So far, he only had a few accidents...Dixie, Slyvester and Suzy Lou are adjusting to having a new animal baby in the house!

Bella our Sprinkle of Life

Charlie was out-of-town a few days last week, so Bella and I decided to make brownies together. These are the pictures that I scrapped preserving the moment. Obviously the sugar got to her!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008